Help Clients Find Value in AI

In 2016, the number of inquiries with Gartner clients who used the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) increased more than 500%. The first five months of 2017 saw more client inquiries about AI than in all of 2016, and the trend continues. Hype around AI has reached critical mass, and end users are clamoring for clarity.

Meanwhile, technology service providers (TSPs) market and promote AI as a magic elixir that will solve every business problem with automation. The hyperincrease in startups and established vendors all claiming to offer AI products without any real differentiation is creating confusion at end-user organizations and delaying purchase decisions.

This confusion presents an opportunity for vendors to communicate clearly and solve real business problems for clients. “There is a big opportunity for TSPs to educate clients about how AI can help them in a business context,” says Jim Hare, Gartner research VP.